Tuesday, December 28, 2010

12/28/10 CNN Reporting Spillway Chairlift @ Sugarloaf derailed

11:10 AM: CNN is reporting that because of high wind gusts, the cable on the Spillway chairlift at Sugarloaf derailed off a tower and there are some injuries. Three to four chairlifts fell to the ground. Currently they are working on a belay system to get close to 100 skiers off the lift one chair at a time. Winds are gusty and the current temperature is only 8 degrees.

11:50 AM: CNN reporter on the chairlift is reporting that half the people on the lift have been evacuated and the process is going smoothly and fast.

12:00 PM: Sugarloaf's post on their web site about the incident: http://community.sugarloaf.com/forum/topics/spillway-east-1

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